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Energy pass: the changes since 01.05.2014 at a glance

In commercial real estate advertisements, information on energetic characteristics is mandatory. The indication of the energy efficiency class is mandatory in energy certificates issued from 01.05.2014. Even for energy certificates issued before 01/05/2014, the characteristics must be stated in real estate advertisements. However, there is no obligation to specify the energy efficiency class. The prospective customer, whether buyer or tenant, must be presented with the energy certificate already during the inspection.

Energy characteristics in real estate ads

If you place a commercial ad for the sale, lease or lease of your property, you are required from May to include energy performance certificate and energy efficiency information.

Real estate list checklist: this information becomes mandatory

  • Type of energy pass *
  • Final energy / Final Energy consumption Value
  • Essential energy source of heating
  • Year of construction of the building
  • Energy efficiency class (only for new passes from 01.05.2014)

* Depending on the year of construction and the type of property (residential or non-residential), either an energy consumption certificate or an energy requirement card is required!

Energy efficiency class: The energy pass becomes easier

The energy pass should be easier to understand for consumers. Therefore, real estate from May 2014 must be assigned to certain energy efficiency classes. Their presentation is based on the efficiency scale already established for household appliances. It ranges from A + (very efficient) to H (high energy requirement).

Demonstration obligation is tightened!

From May, owners are also required to submit the energy certificate without being asked to sell, lease or lease a property - previously this was only necessary at the express request of the interested party. In addition, the owner must hand over the energy certificate in original or in copy to the contracting party.

Introduction of fines!

If property owners violate their obligations, they commit a misdemeanor. This can be punished with a fine.

Previous passes still valid!

Energy certificates issued before May 2014 continue to be valid without mentioning the energy efficiency class. So in real estate ads, the class does not have to be included.

Do you have any questions or would you like an energy pass for your property? We're here to help.

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