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Home Staging

Swept clean is no longer enough!

With Home Staging we show the most beautiful sides of your property! Do not expect your prospects to torment themselves through barren, empty or dark, tidy real estate, make it look as appealing as selling your car!

Show the potential of your property and create the feeling: "Here I would like to move in immediately"


The Internet has fundamentally changed the way real estate is searched. Here you can already make a preliminary decision based on the photos, for which property the time and the way are worthwhile.

Here you should decide as a seller in advance, which message should be sent with the images that are placed on the net. Unfortunately, many pictures in the property's exposé often look dreadful enough! You can`t and do not want to be "at home" here. Not even the way is worthwhile here, if all other parameters are still so consistent. It does not feel good, it does not look good, so it can`t be good and will not be considered any further!

Get a competitive advantage, increase the interest, shorten the sales time by an average of half and get the best possible price.

As experts for home staging, we offer clear concepts that create a "feel-good atmosphere" and highlight the very own charm of your property.

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Top Offer
399.000 €

Haus (Zweifamilienhaus) zum Kauf, Baujahr 1977
27383 Schee├čel
Wonfläche ca. 180 m², 6 Zimmer, Grundstück ca. 729 m²

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